Migrate Confidently with 4DS Migration

Based on experience, we know that migration requirements can be very unique to the business. Our migration service is designed to deliver a migration experience customized to your needs. 4DS can help you migrate your existing CRM solution such as Dynamics CRM on-premise V4 / 11, Salesforce, Act or Sage CRM to in-cloud Dynamics 365. We can also migrate your other non CRM applications and data from on-premises to cloud or from one data centre to another. Our migration strategy and expert knowledge around migration tool set ensures that your migration is seamless and there is no down time and / or any form of data loss. As part of our process we will:
  • Work with you to determine your exact requirements
  • Develop a customised migration strategy and identify proper tools and techniques to use during the data migration project
  • Develop the Migration components / scripts / data mappings etc.
  • Complete a test migration to determine any gaps
  • Migrate to Production environment, provide necessary documentation and assist with the switch-over
4DS Migration has following benefits:
  • Supported Migration: We only use Microsoft supported migration patterns. This ensures that your applications work seamlessly in the new environment and are maintainable and upgradable in the future.
  • Seamless: Our migration strategy and expert knowledge will ensure that your migration is seamless and there is no down time and / or data loss
  • One Stop Shop: We are not only your migration partner but we serve across complete Dynamics 365 Customer engagement suite and a large set of Microsoft .net and Azure services. We are your business applications specialist and this puts us in a better position to assess your requirements and gives you the ability to work with a one stop trusted business applications expert.
  • Tips and Ideas: As we gain more understanding of your application and the way its used before migration, we will provide you with tips and ideas on post migration application use enabling you to maximise the value of your IT investments.

Eliminate Application Silos with 4DS Integration

Best customer experience and exponential value from a CRM system is delivered when it is integrated into other back office solutions such as your accounting software or an ERP system. Team 4DS have experienced consultants that can support you with all your integration needs. Whether you are looking for Batch integration or Real-time or Near-Real-time integration, or even if you are looking for a Web 2 CRM Integration to manage your Leads, Complaints etc. We can assess the best integration pattern that will suit your requirements, suggest the right set of tools, technologies and protocols and get it fully implemented so as to give your business seamless processes that work across teams and reduce the need for handover between departments. Having an integrated solution will give you a centralised view of all your business information that can enable your business to make right decisions at the right time and gain competitive advantage.

A good Integration strategy is important for any integration and of equal importance is the Technical Competence to develop integration artefacts that enable seamless flow of information and eliminate data inaccuracies. 4DS has been helping customer to integrate their CRM system with a wide range of IT systems and applications, providing them with an holistic view of their data. We have experience in using variety of Dynamics Connectors such as Scribe, SSIS, Web APIs, Webservices, Azure cloud services and can develop custom .NET based APIs for specific integration needs.
How can you benefit from 4DS Integration services?
  • Eliminate application silos - Integrate and synchronise data across applications and departments thereby eliminating application silos.
  • Single version of truth - Maintain single copy of data that is synchronised across applications and avoid duplicating data across applications.
  • Efficiency - Stop re-keying same data across different applications and improve efficiency.
  • Decision Making - Get a holistic view of data that enables your business to take informed decisions.
  • Maximise Value - Integrated application deliver more value and increased Return on Investment.

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