Build Powerful Integration Solutions with Logic Apps

Logic Apps is Microsoft Azure's Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) that is focussed on providing enterprise integration solutions. Using its Visual Workflow designer and over 200 connectors, a Logic App enables many use cases for business process automation and enterprise application integration. Logic apps is designed to support automation of a system-to-system process, such as connecting two or more applications as well as a user-to-system process, one that connects people with software and potentially has long delays.
Logic Apps is also a serverless technology. This means that developers can focus solely on the integration logic without having to worry about infrastructure or scalability. Serverless style pricing and consumption-based billing provides maximum ROI on your integration solution.

What 4DS can do for you?

The best way to find out what Logic Apps can do for you is to see it firsthand. A video demo call lasts 30 minutes and gives us an opportunity to learn more about your specific challenges and goals in operations. During the demo we can introduce you to the functional and integration capabilities of Logic Apps with the help of a sample solution. This small investment in times could pay big dividends. If you like the demo, we can provide following services:
  • Logic Apps POC - Get a Logic Apps proof of concept around a single business process and demonstrate to your executive team.
  • Logic Apps Implementaion - Full Scope implementation of Logic Apps for your business.
  • Logic Apps Training - We can provide Logic Apps training for your business super users, developers or support staff.

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