Marketing Transformation with Dynamics 365 Marketing

Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing makes your marketing smarter by delivering amazing customer experiences that attract, engage and retain customers across all channels. It helps you drive revenue by planning campaigns more strategically, executing across all channels more effectively and measuring the impact of your marketing investments in real time. Coupled with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales you can now align sales and marketing using common data, connected business processes and office 365 collaboration tools. Event Management helps you organise events with ease, surveys help you better understand your customers, and connector to Linkedin helps you nurture more leads.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing is easy to use, configure and extend. At 4DS, we have the right experience, skills and knowledge to make sure that Dynamics 365 for Marketing works for your organisation and continues to deliver your anticipated outcomes. Contact Us now to see how we can help you in your digital journey.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing Features

  • Campaign Designer: Connect prospects with targeted content through multi-channel, multi-stage campaigns. Manage multiple campaigns with drag-and-drop campaign designer and automated marketing triggers making it easy to execute campaigns.
  • Email Marketing: Use configurable templates, reusable content blocks, design tools and Microsoft stream videos to prepare content and set up customer journeys based on their engagement.
  • Landing Pages: Create and publish attractive landing pages that track and capture visitors as contacts or leads.
  • Automated Lead Scoring: Automated lead scoring and lead sharing help ensure that sales is getting more leads of the right kind, helping to increase revenue and close more deals faster.
  • Lead Segmentation: Segment leads by demographics, geography, interests or behaviours enabling you to match your content to customers' interests and drive effective conversations.
  • Track Leads: Use customer behaviour data to track customer behaviour in real-time with automatic notifications when customer or leads respond to your marketing campaigns.
  • Use LinkedIn: Nurture leads and create a buyer's journey based on LinkedIn content and interactions.
  • Events Portal: Organise in-person and digital events with an events portal to manage registrations, sessions, speakers and venue logistics.
  • Integrate with Webinar Providers: Integrate with ON24 or other webinar providers for digital events.
  • Track Attendance: Gain insight into events with real-time visibility into attendees' behaviour at events and webinars.
  • Single Customer View: Share one source of information about contacts, leads and customers to deliver consistent results across the buyer's journey with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales.
  • Account-based Marketing: Enable your sales and marketing efforts to target accounts most likely to generate the largest revenue. Orchestrate the buyer's journey for account-level leads with personalised content, and nurture activities to maximise revenue.
  • Automated Workflows: Move prospects more efficiently through the marketing and sales funnel with automated workflows to hand off sales-ready leads and drive follow ups.
  • Increase Productivity: Setup and view campaigns with marketing calendars showing campaign timelines and activities. Use familiar Office 365 tools for collaboration with colleagues, leads and customers.
  • Marketing Insights: Use out-of-the-box dashboards, marketing analysers and get real-time interactions to quickly gain insights. Build custom dashboards to analyse performance.
  • Focus on Correct Audience: Use embedded intelligence like dynamics segmentation to target the right audience, multiple lead scoring models to prioritise leads and customer interactions insights to personalise engagement.
  • Social Insights: Use social insights to gain competitive intelligence, measure and manage your brand reputation.
  • Surveys: Conduct online surveys to better understand your customer needs and apply learning to your marketing investments.

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